• Toshi Tools is launching an all-in-one crypto information app to provide crypto traders with the tools they need.
• The app includes real-time wallet tracking, AI integration, and a 3% transaction fee.
• Toshi Tools has partnered with SolidProof, NOWAI, and is appearing in Binance’s meet-up and AMA.

Toshi Tools Launches Crypto Information App

ChainwireToshi Tools is launching to provide crypto traders with the tools they need to succeed. An intuitive design and suite of unique features will empower users to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency markets. This ecosystem is powered by the $TOSHI token which enables users to access full functionality with a Tier 1 wallet or burning $100 worth of $TOSHI tokens for one month’s access.

Real-Time Wallet Tracking

The app includes a real-time wallet-tracking solution to help users follow the smart money and monitor their own trades. Toshi Tools displays the top crypto market performers by wallet ID, sorted daily. This feature allows traders to make informed decisions on their investments while keeping track of their portfolio value over time.

AI Integration

Artificial intelligence (AI) will further enhance the application, with Open AI’s GPT-3 machine learning integrated into the platform. This integration allows users to efficiently extract information from the blockchain and analyze bulk data with customized configurations and metrics.

Crypto Partnerships

Crypto partnerships are fundamental to Toshi Tools’ mission to bring accessible crypto investment tracking and decision making to a larger audience. The team has partnered up with SolidProof, NOWAI, and others in order to provide greater integration within the industry as well as attending Binance’s meet-up in Frankfurt at January’s end and hosting an AMA on March 25th for newcomers interested in learning more about this project.


In conclusion, Toshi Tools provides an efficient way for investors of all levels of expertise can keep track of their investments in real-time using intuitive designs that include AI technology as well as partnering up secure networks like SolidProof & NOWAI that have made this project more accessible than ever before