• Space Riders NFT is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network with 8,888 items available to view at OpenSea.
• The total number of owners has reached 3267 within 337 days since its release and the market capitalization of Space Riders NFT NFT collection is 1,414.07 ETH.
• The prices of NFTs are determined by first-mover advantage and opportunists taking advantage of the market growth, making it difficult to determine whether any particular NFT is overpriced or underpriced.


Space Riders NFT is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network with 8,888 items available to view at OpenSea. It has been 337 days since its release and it has gained over 3267 owners in this time with a market capitalization of 1,414.07 ETH. The payment tokens for the Space Riders NFT collections are ETH and WETH.

Price Determination

The price of an individual Non-Fungible Token (NFT) can be difficult to determine due to the lack of historical data available around them and their recent emergence into the blockchain ecosystem. First-mover advantage from established projects has given them legitimacy as well as allowing them to learn from mistakes made early in the industry’s development which gives these projects more value than others in turn driving up their price. Opportunists have also taken advantage of rapid market growth leading to some projects being made purely out of greed which often leads to no value being associated with that project resulting in much lower prices for those assets compared to those created by legitimate artists who recognize the value that can be added through their art into this space.

Space Rider Fees

The fees associated with buying or selling an item from the Space Riders collection are relatively low when compared with other markets; buyers pay 0 basis points while sellers are charged 500 basis points per transaction. This fee will go towards supporting developers working on projects related to this collection as well as maintaining OpenSea itself which facilitates these transactions between users securely and safely without any issues arising due to smart contracts involved in each transaction ensuring funds are transferred correctly without any issues occurring between both parties involved in each transaction.


In conclusion, it is difficult for anyone outside of those directly involved in creating or promoting a particular project within this space such as the Space Riders collection,to accurately determine whether an asset within this market is overpriced or underpriced due to lack of historical data surrounding these products and metaverses still developing actively every day meaning new opportunities arise constantly where investors can take part in projects providing potentially large returns if done correctly but also high risk if not properly researched before investing into any particular asset from this space so caution should always be exercised when entering into any investment decision related to non-fungible tokens regardless if they come from popular collections like Space Riders or lesser known ones too!