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Migration is one of today’s key issues. It is high in the political agenda and the public’s top priority. However, policy and public debates on migration remain poorly informed: Many stories are exaggerated, and migrants misrepresented. The Migration News Sheet (MNS) investigates every major development to provide readers with context to headlines, facts to rumours and analysis to data. Tailored for practitioners aiming to lead evidence- and need- based actions, it is THE reliable source of information on migrants & refugees.

Published by the European think-tank Migration Policy Group (MPG) and financed by the UNHCR, the News Sheet is a not-for-profit publication which boasts over 30 years of independent journalism. Its first ever paper issue came out in 1985 and the monthly publication continued uninterrupted for three decades, providing subscribers with fact-checked updates on asylum, migration and integration. Its predecessor – a four-page monthly bulletin titled Early Warning System Migration – was run by the Churches’ Committee on Migrant Workers in Europe (CCMWE) for 4 years.

Migration News Sheet’s digital transformation started in 2010 when a dedicated website was launched. Subscribers could then log in to download monthly issues. In January 2017, the content of the website became entirely public and since January 2018, exclusively focused on key topics shaping the political agenda. With well documented online articles, Migration News Sheet aims to connect the dots between debates, policies, legislations, research and practices, and ultimately to shed a new light on major developments in the field of Migration.