Navigate Cryptocurrency Markets with Toshi Tools’ All-in-One App!

• Toshi Tools is launching an all-in-one crypto information app to provide crypto traders with the tools they need.
• The app includes real-time wallet tracking, AI integration, and a 3% transaction fee.
• Toshi Tools has partnered with SolidProof, NOWAI, and is appearing in Binance’s meet-up and AMA.

Toshi Tools Launches Crypto Information App

ChainwireToshi Tools is launching to provide crypto traders with the tools they need to succeed. An intuitive design and suite of unique features will empower users to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency markets. This ecosystem is powered by the $TOSHI token which enables users to access full functionality with a Tier 1 wallet or burning $100 worth of $TOSHI tokens for one month’s access.

Real-Time Wallet Tracking

The app includes a real-time wallet-tracking solution to help users follow the smart money and monitor their own trades. Toshi Tools displays the top crypto market performers by wallet ID, sorted daily. This feature allows traders to make informed decisions on their investments while keeping track of their portfolio value over time.

AI Integration

Artificial intelligence (AI) will further enhance the application, with Open AI’s GPT-3 machine learning integrated into the platform. This integration allows users to efficiently extract information from the blockchain and analyze bulk data with customized configurations and metrics.

Crypto Partnerships

Crypto partnerships are fundamental to Toshi Tools’ mission to bring accessible crypto investment tracking and decision making to a larger audience. The team has partnered up with SolidProof, NOWAI, and others in order to provide greater integration within the industry as well as attending Binance’s meet-up in Frankfurt at January’s end and hosting an AMA on March 25th for newcomers interested in learning more about this project.


In conclusion, Toshi Tools provides an efficient way for investors of all levels of expertise can keep track of their investments in real-time using intuitive designs that include AI technology as well as partnering up secure networks like SolidProof & NOWAI that have made this project more accessible than ever before

ChainwireOraichain Partners with DoraHacks to Advance AI + Blockchain Innovations

• ChainwireOraichain is partnering with DoraHacks to advance the adoption of its Layer 1 ecosystem for AI and Data Economy.
• DoraHacks has around 250,000 active users worldwide, offering hackathons, bounty, quadratic funding and other resourceful community governance/funding toolkits.
• Oraichain and DoraHacks will work together to accomplish co-hosted hackathons, workshops and demo sessions with the goal of creating a rich and rewarding experience for all participants.

Partnership Between ChainwireOraichain & Dorahacks

ChainwireOraichain is partnering with DoraHacks to advance the adoption of its Layer 1 ecosystem for AI and Data Economy. Over the coming months, our teams will work together on a number of initiatives to support the next generation of AI + blockchain innovations.

The Benefits Of The Partnership

DoraHacks is a global hacker movement and the world’s most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform. More than 3,000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $30 million in grants and hackathon prizes. It offers hackathons, bounty, quadratic funding, privacy voting, and other resourceful community governance/funding toolkits.

By joining forces with DoraHacks Oraichain can benefit from their massive user base (250 000 active users) as well as their expertise in organizing virtual or in-person events such as hackathons or workshops.

Aims Of The Partnership

The main aim of this partnership between ChainwireOraichain & Dorahacks is to promote Oraichain’s ecosystem by attracting BUIDLers from every corner of the world in order to innovate AI + blockchain use cases.

Furthermore they plan on identifying synergies with other major ecosystems in order to further expand Oraichain’s impact within the broader blockchain space.

Aims For Co-Hosted Hackathons

The core goal of this partnership is to create a rich & rewarding experience for all participants at co-hosted hackathon events organized by both teams. Details regarding date/time, registration etc.. will be announced soon.

AI Layer 1 For The Data Economy

< p >Orai chain’ s IBC – enabled Layer 1 provides a complete infrastructure for an open data economy , providing tools for data scientists to structure data , train , test , and publish models to Orai chain ‘s AI Oracle and monetize with maximum transparency & inclusivity .< br / >

< h2 >Conclusion

< p >With this partnership between ChainwireOraichain & Dorahacks both teams aim to foster innovations in blockchain & AI , leading to the creation of AI – enhanced dApps on Orai chain Network & compatible AI Oracles services . They also plan on creating a rich & rewarding experience at co – hosted hackathon events . Finally they hope that this partnership will help advance the adoption of their AI Layer 1 ecosystem for an open data economy .

Explore a Multi-Functional Metaverse: Unlock New Opportunities for Creatives & Investors

• Metaverse technology is making a resurgence at the start of 2023 due to recent advances in AI and the cryptocurrency market.
• To reach its full potential, metaverse needs to be multi-functional, dynamic, adaptable and intelligently designed.
• Those who benefit most from a multi-functional metaverse are those who explore numerous metaverses, take risks and innovate; artists, musicians and performers will use it to engage with new audiences; fashion designers will have an opportunity to explore their ideas for the fashion industry.


Metaverse technology is making a resurgence at the start of 2023, after the recent revival of the cryptocurrency market and the recent and significant advances in AI technology. With a change of fortunes in the market encouraging further development in the metaverse space, new opportunities are on the horizon.


For the metaverse to truly succeed and reach its full potential, however, it must become multi-functional and future-proof. What is meant by this is that it needs to be a space where people can engage with content, gaming, fashion, other people, income-generating opportunities, creative expression, businesses, arts, competition, and so much more. Less niche, more inclusive. What this indicates to developers is a need for dynamism, adaptability, and intelligent design that allow for the integration of a diversity of industries

Collect Unique NFTs with NeckVille: Get Yours Now!

• NeckVille is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network, with 5,550 items of the collection viewable on OpenSea.
• The market capitalization of NeckVille NFT collection is 253.27 ETH and 8,773 collections sales have been made at an average price of 0.18 ETH.
• Prices for NFTs can vary due to their age and the amount of time spent developing them, as well as how they are promoted by their creators and community.

What is NeckVille?

NeckVille are a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 8 January, 2022. 5,550 items of the NeckVille collection can now be viewed at OpenSea.

Number of Owners

The total number of owners has reached 2284 within 412 days since its release.

Price and Sales

The market capitalization of NeckVille NFT collection is 253.27 ETH. Since created the NeckVille, 8,773 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.18 ETH (~$293.63 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 1,612.731 ETH. The floor price of NeckVille is 0.006 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 0.34 ETH. The payment tokens of the NeckVille collection are ETH, WETH.

Why Are Some NFTs Expensive?

NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem and are still in their infancy meaning there is no historical data or precedence that can assist in determining the value of an NFT . Projects that started at the beginning have garnered legitimacy purely because they had a first-mover advantage which have also had opportunity to improve themselves more valuable when boom took flight many people realized profits beyond wildest dreams creating space for opportunists to take advantage creating projects from greed without any value ultimately garbage .

Is The Neckville Collection Over or Underpriced?

It is difficult to determine whether NFTs from the Neckville collection is overpriced or underpriced making such assessment will become clearer when market for NFTs and metaverses develops more actively but prices influenced by how it developed and promoted by its creators community also fees buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points seller fee to dev: 500 basis points buyer fee to opensea:0 basis points seller fee 250 basis points buyer fee :0 basis points seller fee 750 basi

Explore the Magic of Space Riders NFT Collection: 8,888 Items on Ethereum!

• Space Riders NFT is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network with 8,888 items available to view at OpenSea.
• The total number of owners has reached 3267 within 337 days since its release and the market capitalization of Space Riders NFT NFT collection is 1,414.07 ETH.
• The prices of NFTs are determined by first-mover advantage and opportunists taking advantage of the market growth, making it difficult to determine whether any particular NFT is overpriced or underpriced.


Space Riders NFT is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network with 8,888 items available to view at OpenSea. It has been 337 days since its release and it has gained over 3267 owners in this time with a market capitalization of 1,414.07 ETH. The payment tokens for the Space Riders NFT collections are ETH and WETH.

Price Determination

The price of an individual Non-Fungible Token (NFT) can be difficult to determine due to the lack of historical data available around them and their recent emergence into the blockchain ecosystem. First-mover advantage from established projects has given them legitimacy as well as allowing them to learn from mistakes made early in the industry’s development which gives these projects more value than others in turn driving up their price. Opportunists have also taken advantage of rapid market growth leading to some projects being made purely out of greed which often leads to no value being associated with that project resulting in much lower prices for those assets compared to those created by legitimate artists who recognize the value that can be added through their art into this space.

Space Rider Fees

The fees associated with buying or selling an item from the Space Riders collection are relatively low when compared with other markets; buyers pay 0 basis points while sellers are charged 500 basis points per transaction. This fee will go towards supporting developers working on projects related to this collection as well as maintaining OpenSea itself which facilitates these transactions between users securely and safely without any issues arising due to smart contracts involved in each transaction ensuring funds are transferred correctly without any issues occurring between both parties involved in each transaction.


In conclusion, it is difficult for anyone outside of those directly involved in creating or promoting a particular project within this space such as the Space Riders collection,to accurately determine whether an asset within this market is overpriced or underpriced due to lack of historical data surrounding these products and metaverses still developing actively every day meaning new opportunities arise constantly where investors can take part in projects providing potentially large returns if done correctly but also high risk if not properly researched before investing into any particular asset from this space so caution should always be exercised when entering into any investment decision related to non-fungible tokens regardless if they come from popular collections like Space Riders or lesser known ones too!

Brave and Solana Team Up to Unlock the World of dApps!

• Brave Software has announced a partnership with the Solana blockchain platform, allowing users to access Solana dApps through the browser.
• The partnership will allow users of Brave to seamlessly access a host of top Solana dApps and conduct DeFi and NFT-related transactions on both the mobile and web versions of the Brave browser.
• Whale Alert reported that an unknown whale had transferred 7,981,517 SOL worth around $1 million between two unknown wallets as part of a huge transaction.

Brave Software Partners With The Solana Platform

Brave Software has announced it is partnering with the Solana platform, allowing users to access top dApps on Solana directly on their browser. This partnership will enable users of Brave to seamlessly access a host of top Solana decentralized applications (dApps) and conduct DeFi and NFT-related transactions on both the mobile and web versions of the Brave browser.

About The Partnership

The official Twitter handle of Brave Software made this announcement on 7th February 2023: “@Solana DApp support is now available on Brave for iOS and Android! In addition to storing, sending, and buying SPL tokens in the wallet, you can now also connect and interact with apps like @MagicEden, @Orca_so, and @JupiterExchange right in your browser app”. Head Of Partnerships at the Solana Foundation Amelia Daly said: “User experience can be very fragmented in crypto. This integration is important because it allows for seamless browser-based connections to your favorite programs – optimized for mobile.” Co-founder and CEO at Brave Brendan Eich added: “We’re expanding our reach to another key group that is seeking fast and friendly ways to use their crypto on the go.”

Solana Whale Migration

As part of this new partnership between Brave Software and Solana blockchain platform, Whale Alert reported that an unknown whale had transferred 7,981,517 SOL worth around $1 million between two unknown wallets as part of a huge transaction.

Growth Of Web 3.0 Ecosystem

The introduction of Web 3.0 technology has seen an increase in popularity for using browsers such as Brave which support these new technologies . This recent integration with Solana is expected to further strengthen its user base by providing them with easy access to popular dApps running on this blockchain platform without having to leave their browsers or download any additional software or plugins.


The recently announced integration between Brave Software’s Browser App & The Solan Blockchain Platform will make it easier for users from all over world gain direct access various popular dapps running under this network without having leave their browsers or install any additional software or plugins . It is expected that this integration could help bring even more liquidity into the ecosystem while also attracting more investors into projects based off this protocol

BNB Price Rally Above $320, Could Test $400 Level

• BNB price found support near $300 against the US Dollar and rallied above $320.
• The bulls were active and they were able to pump the price above the $310 and $312 resistance levels.
• The next major resistance is near the $350 level, above which the price is likely to aim a test of the $400 level in the near term.

Binance Coin Price Rallies Over 5%

Binance coin price started a steady increase from the $300 support against the US Dollar. The price is now trading above $320 and 100 simple moving average (4-hours). There was a break above a major contracting triangle with resistance near $320 on 4-hours chart of BNB/USD pair (data source from Binance).

Upside Resistance for BNB

The bulls were active and they managed to push BNB price above the $310 and 312 resistance levels. The pair is now showing positive signs similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, trading as high as 332$. It is also well above 23.6% Fib retracement level of upward move from 301 swing low to 332 high. However, bears are protecting 332$ and 335$ resistance levels.

Dips Supported for BNB

If BNB fails to clear 335$ resistance, it could start downside correction. An initial support on downside is near 325$. First major support is at 315$, which is around 50% Fib retracement level of upward move from 301 swing low to 332 high. Next major support could be 308$. If there’s downside break below 308$, there could be extended decline towards 300$ support area.

Technical Indicators For BNB

4-Hours MACD – MACD for BNB/USD are gaining pace in bullish zone while 4-Hours RSI (Relative Strength Index) – RSI for BNBus trading around 65 levels with no sign of bearish divergence yet. In addition, Major Support Level – 300$, Major Resistance Level – 350$.


BNB has found strong support near 300$ against US Dollar; however it needs to clear 335$ resistance level in order to continue its rally towards 400$. On downside if fails, dips will be supported by 315$, 308$ & 300$ respectively

Bitcoin Price Slips Below $23K, Bulls Aim to Defend Key Support

-Bitcoin price started a downside correction below $23,000, testing an important support.
-There is a major bullish trend line forming with support near $22,400 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair.
-Bitcoin price is now trading below $23,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

The recent surge in Bitcoin prices has come to a halt, with the cryptocurrency now trading below $23,000. After reaching a new all-time high of $24,250, Bitcoin took a sharp turn downwards, sliding below the $23,000 support level. Bitcoin is now testing an important support, with the bulls trying to prevent a further downfall.

The hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair shows that a major bullish trend line is forming with support near $22,400. This support level is key for the bulls, as a sustained break below it could lead to further losses. The 100 hourly simple moving average is also providing resistance at the $22,850 level. If Bitcoin can break above this resistance level, it could start a fresh increase towards $23,500.

On the downside, the $22,000 level is a key support zone. If Bitcoin fails to stay above this level, it could start a steep decline. The next major support is near the $21,500 level. Any further losses below the $21,500 support could lead to a sharp drop towards the $20,000 zone.

Looking ahead, the direction of Bitcoin will likely depend on whether the bulls can defend the key support near $22,000. If they can, the price could start a fresh increase towards $23,500. On the other hand, a break below $22,000 could lead to further losses.

Terra Network Revived with Interchain Integration, Controversy Remains

• The Terra blockchain network recently collapsed, leading to several reforms, including the integration with Interchain Station, to revive Terra Classic (LUNC).
• Controversies surround the sudden collapse of the Terra LUNA network, with accusations of rug pulling schemes by the founder of Terraform Labs.
• Lead developer Jared of Terraform Labs announced more integrations coming to the Terra Classic network, including SEI, Juno, Osmosis, Mars, Pisco and more.

The Terra blockchain network recently suffered a catastrophic collapse that resulted in significant financial losses for investors, as well as bankrupting several firms within the crypto industry. Since then, developers have been working diligently to revive Terra Classic (LUNC) and prevent further collapse. To this end, the team recently announced a successful integration with Interchain Station, which boosted the Terra Classic (LUNC) price.

However, the crash of Terra LUNA sent a ripple effect across the crypto industry that is still felt today. Many investors remain in a state of limbo, unable to recover their losses incurred from the Terra implosion. Unsurprisingly, the ecosystem’s sudden collapse has led to much controversy. Some speculate that Terra LUNA was a rug pull scheme by Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs, to launder and steal people’s money. Do Kwon and his team have since avoided prosecution by South Korean authorities.

In a tweet, Jared, the lead developer at Terraform Labs, revealed that the Terra Network would be integrating with a range of other blockchains, such as SEI, Juno, Osmosis, Mars, and Pisco. According to Jared, these integrations are designed with the intention of protecting the network and allowing for seamless cross-chain communication between Terra and other blockchains. Additionally, Jared stated that the team is currently working on rolling out more features, particularly the wallet on mobile devices.

These integrations are a welcome step forward in the revival of Terra, however, the network faces an uphill battle in regaining the trust of its investors and the wider crypto community. As it stands, it is difficult to predict the future of the Terra network; only time will tell whether or not these reforms are enough to make Terra a viable contender in the blockchain space.

Lazarus Group Stops in Tracks: Stolen Funds Frozen By Binance, Huobi

• Notorious North Korean hacking gang Lazarus Group transferred stolen money in the Harmony Bridge attack.
• The organization transferred over $63.5 million, or approximately 41,000 ETH.
• Funds were frozen by Binance and Huobi after suspicious money transfers were detected.

The weekend of January 15th, 2021 was a busy one for the notorious North Korean hacking group, Lazarus Group. The group had just executed an attack on the Harmony Bridge, a blockchain-based platform, and had successfully stolen over $63.5 million, or approximately 41,000 ETH.

The theft was discovered by blockchain detective ZachXBT, who had been tracking the trail of more than 350 ETH addresses. Specifically, the funds had been transferred through Railgun, a private smart contract platform that uses zero-knowledge proofs to hide financial transactions.

What’s more, the stolen funds had then been transferred to three different exchanges, where they were quickly frozen by Binance and Huobi. Evidently, the exchanges had been monitoring the transactions, and had immediately detected the suspicious money transfers. Binance’s CEO, CZ, tweeted that the exchange had previously tried to launder the money through Binance, and had subsequently frozen the accounts involved.

Fortunately, the exchanges were able to act quickly and prevent the hackers from profiting off the stolen funds. While the attack was a reminder of the need for improved security measures, it also demonstrated the effectiveness of existing measures in preventing money laundering. Hopefully, by continuing to improve security protocols, blockchain-based platforms can become even more secure in the future.