September 2011

Campaign poster of largest Swiss political party, the SVP/UDC, calling for a halt to massive immigration. This time it is targeting not Muslims but EU nationals.

The Migration News Sheet is your reliable source of news, policy and legal updates on migrants and refugees. Below is a selection of the headlines in the September issue.

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Migration Policies

EU: European Commission approves Madrid’s decision to limit Romanians’ access to labour market

CZECH REPUBLIC: Number of immigrants plummets and the downtrend is continuing

NETHERLANDS: Like UK, Netherlands largely underestimated inflow of workers from new Member States

Irregular Migration

EUROPE: Almost 2,000 irregular migrants drowned in the Mediterranean in the first seven months of this year

FRANCE: Minister of Interior boasts of ‘best historically registered result’ in expulsions for this year

SWITZERLAND: Switzerland has its own “Tamilgate” – Between 7,000 and 10,000 asylum applications lodged by Iraqis in Swiss Embassies in Syria and Egypt were overlooked for years – Head of Migration Office gets the sack


COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EU: Clarification on right of effective remedy for asylum-seekers rejected under the accelerated procedure

BELGIUM: Moroccan convicted of terrorism is granted refugee status

NETHERLANDS: Controversial TV quiz for rejected asylum-seekers – winner must leave to collect prize in home country


GREECE: Increased measures of security at immigrant places in the wake of the Oslo massacre

SPAIN: Two municipal councillors from a xenophobic party resign: one for having an African lover, the other for having a Dominican homosexual partner

SWEDEN: Surge in discrimination against Muslims and Jews


BELGIUM: French businessman pays fines handed down on burqa-wearing women in Belgium

SPAIN: New obstacles to the construction of places of worship in Catalonia

UK: Centre- right daily blames political leaders for riots and praises behaviour of immigrants