October 2011

Fishing boat carrying rescued asylum-seekers / irregular migrants - a humanitarian act in danger of extinction

The Migration News Sheet is your reliable source of news, policy and legal updates on migrants and refugees. Below is a selection of the headlines in the latest issue.

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Migration Policies

EU: European Commission deplores weak impact of EU long-term residence directive

DENMARK: Foreign parents of almost 800 children expelled or under a deportation order are hoping that new Government will amend the laws

NETHERLANDS: Anti-immigration party leader warns that ‘marriage of convenience’ with ruling coalition would break up if pledge on reducing immigration is not respected

Irregular Migration

CJEU: French Court of Appeal requests urgent procedure – is the French law imposing a penalty for unauthorised stay compatible with the ‘return directive’?

EU: Austria and Hungary appeal for EU assistance to combat upsurge in irregular migration

ITALY: Rioting and arson by irregular migrants in Lampedusa on learning of repatriation plans


EU: EU Advocate General: Dublin II Regulation should not be applied when breaches of fundamental rights may occur in designated country of responsibility

MALTA: UN’s anti-discrimination watchdog criticises detention conditions and tough methods to quell rioting detainees

UK: Pledge to clear backlog of some 450,000 asylum cases within five years has been met, thanks to the disappearance of almost one in five


FRANCE: Former Minister of Interior narrowly avoids conviction for racial slander, but plaintiff will go to highest court

GERMANY: US Ambassador complains of racist ‘jerks’ in Germany

SWITZERLAND: Neo-Nazis in Switzerland can continue to display Nazi symbols – both Houses of Parliament have backed down on an initiative to introduce a legislative ban


BELGIUM: Unofficial Sharia court in Antwerp

NORWAY: Christian Democrat Party defends right of Muslims to have their mosque

UK: House of Lords member claims Pakistani and Bangladeshi families have more children to obtain more benefits