November 2011

Arrival of increasing number of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children - public opinion does not favour repatriation of those who are socially integrated

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Migration Policies

CJEU: EU Court denies requests for accelerated procedure for a case concerning a Franco-Algerian denied entry into the UK where his wife and eight children reside

NETHERLANDS: Ruling Dutch Christian democrats in difficult position over fate of 18-year old Angolan teenager

SWITZERLAND: Anti-immigration party may have alienated voters by going too far

Irregular Migration

EU: Commission’s warning to eight Member States which have not yet transposed the return Directive

GREECE: Fence and FRONTEX teams will not curb inflow of irregular migrants and asylum-seekers

ITALY: Extension of temporary residence permits granted to Tunisians who left their country earlier this year 


ECHR: Sweden’s banishment order on Afghan asylum-seeker, imprisoned for raping his wife, did not violate Convention

GREECE: German parliamentarian claims that asylum-seekers are held in Greece in conditions that animal rights activists would denounce as inhumane

UK: Unaccompanied minors and children of asylum-seeking families are still held in detention


AUSTRIA: Court rules online game shooting images of Muslims and mosques does not lead to incitement

GREECE: Move to outlaw incitement of racial hatred

SWEDEN: Requiring a Roma woman to pay for petrol in advance amounted to discrimination


BELGIUM: Liberal politician calls for registration of ethnic origin of criminal suspects of Belgian nationality

CZECH REPUBLIC: New Bill aimed at toughening access to Czech citizenship

FRANCE: Headscarf-wearing woman loses complaint of unfair dismissal

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