June 2011

Will the right to family reunion vary according to country of origin?

The Migration News Sheet is your reliable source of news, policy and legal updates on migrants and refugees. Below is a selection of the headlines in the June issue.

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Migration Policies

EU: Will the European Court of Justice pull the brakes on the downward spiral of conditions for family reunification?

EU: EU national who has never exercised right of free movement may not rely on EU right of family reunion

SWITZERLAND: Warning of very serious shortages of manpower by 2030

Irregular Migration

EU: Council of Europe concern over a report that up to 61 migrants died while SOS signals at sea were ignored

ITALY-TUNISIA: First migrant vessel intercepted by Tunisian coast guard and taken back to Tunisia

NETHERLANDS: All prostitutes, including victims of sex traffickers, must pay taxes


EU: European Commission’s revised proposals on asylum procedures and reception conditions

CZECH REPUBLIC: European Commission issues warning to Prague on using ‘phallometric texts’ to verify the veracity of homosexual claims of an asylum-seeker

NORWAY: No asylum for Colonel Gaddafi’s former nurse


EU: Immunity of French MEP lifted for anti-Islam comment

DENMARK: Advocate of free speech fined for claiming that Muslim girls are raped by their uncles, cousins and even fathers

NETHERLANDS: Prosecutor insists there is no case against politician Geert WILDERS


FRANCE: French Minister claims two-thirds of children of non-European immigrants are school dropouts

GERMANY: Killing of German citizen in US attack leads to restrictions on intelligence sharing – debate on German citizenship

GREECE: Athenians want guns for protection against irregular migrants – violent confrontations between vigilante groups and migrants