July 2011

Has acceptance of a multicultural society reached its limits?

The Migration News Sheet is your reliable source of news, policy and legal updates on migrants and refugees. Below is a selection of the headlines in the July issue.

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Migration Policies

ECHR: Implementation of family reunion law may not disregard the rights of a child and its best interests

EU: Proposals for a comprehensive EU immigration policy still have a long way to go

DENMARK: EU may not have to intervene in controversial plan to reintroduce border checks – ruling Liberal Party is showing signs of deep division over the issue.

Irregular Migration

EU: NATO bombs Libya to “protect civilians” but record numbers of irregular migrants drown in fleeing the fighting

GERMANY: Chancellor MERKEL rules out accepting irregular migrants from Tunisia

ITALY: Rome reaches agreement with Libyan rebels on curbing clandestine departures by sea


ECHR: Chamber ruling on rejected Somali asylum-seekers would, if upheld, make it almost impossible carry out expulsions to Somalia

ECHR: Another damning indictment of the asylum procedure and detention conditions in Greece

MALTA: USA continues to grant more resettlement places to refugees arriving in Malta than the entire EU combined


FRANCE: Complaint against French Minister of Interior for remarks that increase in Muslims raises problems has been dismissed

SWITZERLAND: Upsurge of xenophobia in Switzerland

UK: Gurkhas denied equal pension rights take their case to European Court in Strasbourg


BELGIUM: Naturalisation law to be tightened up

NETHERLANDS: Another leading politician announces an end to multiculturalism – the ‘novelty’ is that Piet Hein Donner used to be one of its advocates.

SWEDEN: Proposals to promote integration in Sweden by reducing wages in low-paid jobs and revising social security to remove incentive for unemployment