France - Muslim community in Amiens in shock after two elderly members of their community were beaten up by assailants claiming to “dislike Arabs”

The Islamic community has reacted with shock and indignation to the attack on two elderly Muslims, aged 71 and 69, respectively, as they were heading to a local mosque for prayer at 4.30 am on 5 May 2012.

The attacks took place within minutes of each other and the assailants in both cases, youths aged between 20 and 25, presented themselves as “racists of LE PEN who do not like Arabs”.

Bahdi JEBLI, Chairman of the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith (CRCM), said that he had lived in Amiens for 40 years and that he had never seen or heard anything like this kind of attack.

“What is most shocking about this is that they insulted and beat up people in their seventies: this is shameful, an act of cowardice”, said Mr JEBLI.