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As someone involved in the topic of migration, either professionally, or personally, you will know, keeping yourself well informed can be difficult and time-consuming.  Every day you see bad news, sensational headlines and complicated policy and legal decisions, all too often dislocated from the real impact on human lives.

You would easily be forgiven for despairing at the inaccuracy and bias of reporting, and the overwhelming number of sources you have to trawl through to get a meaningful overview of the situation in Europe.

The Migration News Sheet started back in 1985, delivering independent, fact-checked monthly updates on migration, asylum and anti-discrimination. Antonio Cruz has been its Editor ever since.  With over two decades of experience, the Editor seeks out the news, separating fact from fiction and errors, cross-checking references and adding his well-honed commentary to let you know the background, history and context of every story.

With his multi-lingual skills he digs out the stories from multiple sources from across Europe so you don’t have to spend hours searching through news sites in different languages, which often have their own individual agendas.

From his base in Brussels, Toni provides in-depth coverage of the workings of the EU institutions and makes sense of complicated legal decisions and their ramifications across the field.

To subscribe to a reliable source of news, policy and legal updates on migrants and refugees click here to download and complete the subscription form.

Published by the Migration Policy Group, a European think-tank, the Migration News Sheet is a fully independent non-profit publication so you don’t have to read between the lines.  Instead you can enjoy the unique style, wit and commentary our readers tell us they love.

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  • Because you need to understand the consequences of recent developments in your field and in the law
  • Because you are a stickler for the truth and an independent thinker

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