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What is the Migration News Sheet?

Every month since 1985, the Migration News Sheet (MNS) has provided its subscribers with independent fact-checked monthly updates on asylum, migration and integration in Europe. Antonio Cruz has been its Editor ever since and now works directly on stories with MPG’s diverse team of experts on migration, integration and anti-discrimination. With three decades of experience, MNS seeks out news, separating fact from fiction and errors, cross-checking references and adding his well-honed commentary to give you the background, history and context of every story.


Announcing MNS 2.0

2015 and 2016 have seen many stories exaggerated and misrepresented on asylum, migration and integration, with little follow-up to investigate and correct this. Although migration is a top political agenda, many public debates are poorly informed on EU policy and the situation across Europe.

Now, the MNS aims to reach a wider audience with timely, focused, fully public content on the key stories shaping the public debate:

  • Public: Once restricted to paying subscribers, MNS will now make all its new stories publicly available on its website (redesign in March) and MPG’s Twitter account (@migpolgroup).
  • Timely: Stories will be published regularly throughout the month, and the most relevant will appear in a monthly PDF.
  • Focused: In addition to MNS’ typically short stories, the new version will rapidly provide the best, concise and up-to-date information tracking the major developments likely to influence EU policies and their national (mis)interpretation.

Expect many more exciting stories from the MNS editor and MPG’s diverse team of EU experts and partners on migration, integration and anti-discrimination.

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Why should I subscribe?

Every day, you are confronted with sensationalist headlines, fake news and complicated legal and policy decisions. But what’s really new, important and likely to change EU policy and the lives of migrants and local communities? The free information you get online is often incomplete, misleading and time-consuming when you see the number of national sources that you have to trawl through to get a real picture of the situation across Europe. All this fuels the mobilisation of the far right, confusion and burnout among migration actors, public uncertainty and fear, inaction among mainstream politicians and civil society and poorly informed decisions on national and EU policies.

Four reasons to join our readership:

  • You want all the best information in one place in English
  • You want some to question and verify the claims behind sensational stories
  • You want to be challenged with the facts to form your own opinions
  • You need to understand the repercussions of recent developments on policy & practice


Who publishes MNS?

Published by the Migration Policy Group, an independent specialised think-tank, the Migration News Sheet is a fully independent non-profit publication, so that you enjoy the unique perspective and style that our readers tell us they love. With MPG’s multilingual team, MNS digs out stories from multiple national and informal sources and contacts across Europe so that you don’t have to spend hours searching many national news sites, each with its own individual agendas. Based in Brussels, MNS connects national developments with EU decision-making to identify the impact of developments on EU policy and its impact on the reality on-the-ground. MNS is supported financially by the UNHCR and by individual donations by professionals like you who want a fact-based public debate on asylum and migration in Europe.


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