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March 2018

Disability and asylum: 3 key measures the Global Compact on Migration should commit to


Friday 9 March marked the beginning of the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games. During the next few days, hundreds of athletes living with an impairment will inspire the world with their outstanding performances. This is the perfect time to call policy-makers to take the necessary measures to improve disabled people’s living conditions, notably those fleeing to safety. Years [...]

November 2017

Demonstration in Brussels calls for regularisation of undocumented migrants


More than 2,300 people took part in the Brussels demonstration on 12 November, which raised awareness of the need to regularise the situation of undocumented migrants. The demonstration was organised by a number of groups that offer support to undocumented migrants, including, The Coordination des sans-papiers of Belgium together with Ciré (which supports asylum seekers), [...]

Comic Journalism providing new avenue for migrants to express their views


The issue of refugees and migration is often discussed in Germany’s social and political circles. However, concern was raised that refugees and migrants had no voice in the public sphere and didn’t have the opportunity to talk about their experiences themselves. InfoMigrants however highlights a new platform in multiple languages for migrants and refugees to [...]

Increased tensions in Lesbos over appalling conditions in camps


Tensions have increased in Lesbos over crowded camps, with Lesbos Mayor Spyros Galinos accusing the Greek government of allowing the island to become “a giant prison camp,” where “all human dignity is denied.” Boycotting celebrations on Wednesday 8 November marking the 105th anniversary of Lesbos’s liberation from Ottoman Turkish rule, local officials gave the coalition [...]

UNHCR Study: Integration largely successful under UK Syria refugee resettlement


More than 8,000 Syrian refugees have come to the UK under the Government’s Syrian resettlement scheme, which has made a "successful start" in helping its beneficiaries integrate in their new country, according to a study by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and partners. Under the Syrian vulnerable persons resettlement scheme (VPRS), refugees are referred to the Home Office [...]

October 2017

Greek coalition government criticised for delays in responding to refugee and migrant needs


Greek political party Syriza condemned the coalition government for the plight of the thousands of refugees and migrants stranded in Greece. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his migration minister particularly came under fire on Monday 30 October during a meeting of the party’s political secretariat when they were blamed for delays in providing migrants and refugees [...]

Civil society report:  Local authorities should receive necessary support to implement migrant integration strategies


The global migrant crisis which has resulted in over 65.6 million people fleeing their homes worldwide, with 40.3 million internally displaced requires a more coordinated response from the Irish Government, the Irish Refugee and Migration Coalition said in a press release on 24 October 2017. Their new report, “Pathways to Protection and Inclusion,” proposes a new framework for [...]

Increasing instances of intolerance and racism in Sweden, according to Council of Europe opinion


Sweden’s traditionally multicultural society is experiencing an increase in instances of hate speech and racism regarding migration flows. This climate appears to impact also on persons belonging to national minorities, in particular those belonging to the Sami, Roma and Jewish communities, and needs to be actively addressed, according to the Advisory Committee for the Protection of [...]