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The Migration News Sheet (MNS) is your reliable source of news on migrants & refugees. The not-for-profit publication covers high impact developments in all levels of government, with a focus on European, international and inter-governmental news. In addition to short updates published on a regular basis, longer stories analysing key topics which are shaping the public debate are featured once a month. Both types of content are fully public.

MNS seeks out news, presenting them as objectively and accurately as possible, cross-checking references and adding well-honed commentary to give you the complete picture for every story. It also references relevant documents of various intergovernmental institutions which, though often not confidential, are nevertheless difficult to obtain. Of primary focus are decisions and initiatives taken by the Council of Europe, EU Member States and intergovernmental bodies such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organisation for Migration.

The News Sheet also chronicles important legal developments at the level of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Bearing in mind the frequently-declared intention to harmonise immigration and asylum policies in Europe, it highlights specific administrative court rulings, which officials in many European states regularly consult for guidance in the elaboration and implementation of their own immigration and asylum legislation.

Published by the European think-tank Migration Policy Group (MPG), the Migration News Sheet boasts over 30 years of independent journalism, as its first ever paper issue came out in 1985. The monthly publication continued uninterrupted for three decades, providing subscribers with independent fact-checked updates on asylum, migration and integration. Before the current 20+ pages format, MNS’s predecessor – a four-page monthly bulletin titled Early Warning System Migration – was run by the Churches’ Committee on Migrant Workers in Europe (CCMWE) during 4 years.

The News Sheet’s digital transformation started in 2010 with the launch of a dedicated website. Subscribers could then log in to download monthly issues. Yet another milestone was reached in January 2017 with the decision to grant full access to all those visiting the news platform. Antonio Cruz who has been its Editor since the very beginning now collaborates with other MPG team members to produce monthly analytical stories.

This new strategy is aimed at attracting a new readership while maintaining the historical one consisting lawyers, researchers, European and international judges, ministers and civil servants who deal with immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Subscription to the printed copy therefore remains available upon request via mns@migpolgroup.com. The rather unique character of its information and sources, its ever-conscious recognition of the need to limit coverage to facts, and its commitment to objective reporting continues to generate interest from a wide range of people.

MNS 2003-2016

  • Subscription cost up to 230 euros per year
  • Monthly printed publication
  • Overview of all migration news in Europe
  • Editor with 30+ years’ experience

The New MNS

  • Available free to the public
  • Online with more regular articles & monthly PDF
  • Overview PLUS ongoing key EU stories
  • Editor’s MNS team is growing


The Migration News Sheet contains relevant and up-to-date news logically grouped according to topic and country or organization. Articles in the MNS are often used as an entry point of information on policy and practice in other States with very helpful summaries of case law from the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. As such, the MNS complements news and updates we receive from our international network.
Henrik Ankerstjerne, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Integration, Danish Government
Working in a national context, it’s not always easy to stay up-to-date with developments in other countries and at the EU-level, even though it’s crucial for our work. Reading the Migration News Sheet is my monthly rendez-vous with Europe.
Nele Verbruggen, Project Manager, King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium
The Migration News Sheet is a great synthesis of the developments in the area of migration. It is a much appreciated and unique publication.
Nusha Yonkova, Anti-trafficking Coordinator, The Immigrant Council of Ireland
I have used the Migration News Sheet for more than 20 years. For me it has been an indispensable and reliable source of recent developments on law and practice concerning migration in Europe, both at the national and the EU level. The back issues of the MNS provide a unique source of information for research purposes.
Professor Groenendijk, Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Law, Centre for Migration Law, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
The Migration News Sheet is very informative and interesting in order to keep track of developments within the migration field in Europe.
Helge Lyberg, Adviser, National Police Immigration Service, Norway
The most helpful publication for migration laws and practices in Europe”] The Migration News Sheet is currently the most helpful news publication to get an overview of developments in migration laws and practices in Europe.
Rainer Hofmann
The Migration News Sheet is a comprehensive monthly report very useful in my job and for my organization. In these first six months of work with the UNHCR I have learned a lot through the Migration News Sheet and it is not only a useful information tool but also a forum for launching valuable ideas and debates in the field of Refugees, Refugee and Asylum Law.
Corina Popa, Integration Assistant, UNHCR Bucharest, Romania
The Migration News Sheet is a unique and wonderful source of reliable information for any researcher interested in migration issues. It has tremendously helped with my research over the years, as it has brought to my attention events and political and legal developments that would have escaped me otherwise. In addition, it does not merely report information, but also comments on it in an intelligent, informed and often provocative manner thanks to the Editor’s considerable knowledge and experience. The MNS: a ‘must have’ for any researcher in migration studies!
Dr. Sarah Leonard, Lecturer in International Security, University of Salford, UK
Migration remains highly controversial and policies, strategies and legislation are continuously on the move, like a stone in quicksand. The Migration News Sheet offers an original monthly picture of the situation, summarising the most important events and legislation. I consider the MNS a sort of signpost. It’s up to the readers to decide to use other sources if they wish to deepen more thoroughly some aspects of the MNS short information, in accordance with their own interests.
Giuseppe Callovi, former Head of Unit Free movement of persons, Visa Policy, External Borders, Schengen, European Commission, Belgium
I am a long-standing subscriber of the Migration News Sheet and have always valued the wide range of up-to-date information that is provided. I have found this useful in teaching, have found most of the information entirely reliable, and a good mix is offered of critical comment and of hard-fact information. What I also value is the Europe-wide coverage, since this is often information that one does not get in the UK without searching at length in all kinds of sources. Thank you for an excellent service.
Professor Werner Menski, SOAS, University of London
The Migration News Sheet is a fine publication and is a huge help to keep me abreast of changes in EU immigration policy. It has been incredibly valuable in explaining complex issues and really helps to know what is going on with skilled and professional migration – for instance, on the Schengen rules, and the EU Blue Card. I have read the MNS for going on five years, and will look forward to future publications.
Glenn Faulk, Senior Immigration Administrator, BAL Global Corporate Immigration Services, USA