The Migration News Sheet is your reliable source of news, policy & legal updates on migrants & refugees. Published online, the Migration News Sheet is available for online viewing for the public, with access to the archives currently restricted to previous paid subscribers.

The Migration News Sheet boasts over 30 years of independent publishing. The first ever bulletin came out in 1985 and it has continued uninterrupted, with 12 issues a year, for two and a half decades. Published by the European think-tank, the Migration Policy Group, the Migration News Sheet is an entirely non-profit enterprise. All subscription charges contribute to the cost of delivering reliable and verified news to our readers.

European and international coverage

The MNS covers high impact developments in European, international and inter-governmental organisations. The coverage prioritises European events and developments as opposed to merely those of a national character.

Of primary focus are decisions and initiatives taken by the member states of the European Union, the Council of Europe and various other intergovernmental bodies, such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organisation for Migration. The News Sheet also chronicles important legal developments at the level of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Bearing in mind the frequently-declared intention to harmonise immigration and asylum policies in Europe, the News Sheet highlights specific administrative court rulings, which officials in many European states regularly consult for guidance in the elaboration and implementation of their own immigration and asylum legislation.

Hard facts for a varied audience

The News Sheet provides up-to-date information on developments in immigration and asylum policies and on migration and integration issues, and references the relevant documents of various intergovernmental institutions which, though not often confidential, are nevertheless quite difficult and time-consuming to obtain.

The rather unique character of its information and sources, its ever-conscious recognition of the need to limit coverage to facts, and its commitment to objective reporting have generated interest from a wide and varied group of News Sheet subscribers, including persons of immigrant origin, lawyers, researchers, European judges, ministers and civil servants who deal with immigrants and asylum seekers, and their counterparts in Australia, Canada and the United States.



January 2003

2003:  Redesigning of the Migration News Sheet

In 2003 the Migration News Sheet was re-evaluated. Finding that the content remained relevant, this was maintained while the presentation enjoyed a facelift.

December 1999

100th and final version of French ‘Migrations Europe’ published

The 100th edition of the French version of the Migration News Sheet entitiled ‘Migrations Europe’ closes the French version of the series.

October 1998

Reformatting of the Migration News Sheet

1998 brought a change of format to the dramatically expanded 20-page Migration News Sheet, rebranded as the monthly bulletin on immigrants, refugees and ethnic minorities. The contents were restructured to offer updates on Migration Policies/Law; Irregular Migration; Asylum/Refugees; Racism/Discrimination and other issues, with news at both EU and national level.

July 1993

French Migration News Sheet gets new name

The French version of the Migration News Sheet is re-named and released as ‘Migrations Europe’.

September 1991

First French edition of the Migration News Sheet published

The first edition in French of the Migration News Sheet entitled ‘Informations Européennes’ is published.

April 1985

Migration News Sheet is born

The first Migration News Sheet was published in 1985 as a publication of the CCMWE under the overall publication of the EECCS’ Early Warning System series. In an expanded form it continued to provide updates at EU and national level on Migrant Worker’s rights, Racism, Migration and Return migration and Asylum and Refugees. It publicised latest reports and upcoming events.

July 1981

Early Warning System Migration

The precursor to the Migration News Sheet was a humble four-page monthly bulletin producing hand-typed information on forthcoming events and developments and briefly indicating ‘what is going on in migration in Europe’. The Early Warning System Migration included monitoring at the EU and national level and information from migrant workers associations.

At that time the publication was run by the Churches’ Committee on Migrant Workers in Europe (CCMWE) and the Ecumenical Commission for Church and Society in the European Community (ECCSEC).

As the bulletin developed, the Early Warning System Migration included information on Migrant Workers Rights, Racism, Return Migration and Refugees & Asylum